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The members of the Bishops Itchington Men's shed have undertaken several projects since the opening of the shed in 2017. Below are a few if the projects (both private and community) that have been completed;

Projects (click on images to enlarge)

Project: Harbury Swift Boxes
Member: All
Description: The clerk for Harbury council contacted the shed and asked if we would be interested in building a number of Swift nest boxes for the Harbury community. The BIMS members set to work using salvaged materials to build 10 boxes to the suggested design. We hope the Swifts will find our boxes suitable for nesting and raising their young in the Spring of 2023 and the following years.

Project: Rocking Horse II
Member: Iveagh
Description: With the arrival of our third grand-child, I set about wondered what could be made for their first birthday. Not long after the shed was donated a large but damaged rocking crib. The rocker I thought could be the basis of a rocking horse. After several hours of drawing, cutting, planing, sanding and gluing this lovely horse cantered out of the shed.

Project: Nest of tables
Member: Barbara
Description: A next of tables was in need of some TLC. A light sanding and a new coat of varnish was all that was needed.

Project: Bat boxes
Member: Alan
Description: Salvaged wood from the near-by HS2 project provided the perfect rough wood to make bat boxes. Working from plans, the pieces were cut, screwed and glued together. The boxes are now located in the "Yellow land" near the village.

Project: Cannon
Member: Iveagh
Description: What to do with a piece of scrap brass? Why not make a cannon! This little replica was turned on the metal lathe and mounted on a hard wood base. Only basic tools were used, but a lot of patience was needed.

Project: Bee Hive
Member: Gervald
Description: The Shed Apiary project started taking shape with the construction of Bee Hives being made from HS2 reclaimed wood late 2021. The hives was built using the bench saw and the router to make a rebate for the frames. This project proved invaluable by bringing the members back to the shed of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project: Church Flower Stand
Member: Gervald
Description: The old church flower stand had seen better days. The old tray was removed and a new one fashoined from zinc coated steel. The sides were secured with over 40 rivets. The tray was re-fitted to the stand and finished with coat of paint. Tools used
-Grinding wheel
-tin snips
-rivet gun



Project: Bird nest boxes for Harbury Primary school
Description: Shed members cut and built several simple Bird Nest boxes with a selection of openings to attract different species for Harbury Primary School. Kits were also provided for the children to build. Click on the image link to download a detailed plan.

Click here

Project: High pressure valve adaptor
Member: Iveagh
Description: An adaptor between a flexible hose and a high pressure water valve connection was needed for an industrial carpet/upholstery cleaner. Being manufactured in the USA, a suitable adaptor was not easily available. This adaptor was turned from a brass bar on the metal lathe.

Project: Peppermill
Member: Iveagh
Description: This is the first project turned on the new wood lathe, supported from the David Wilson fund. The mill was turned from an apple tree branch that was left to dry throughout the COVID lockdown. The mill used a kit (available online) for the grinder mechanism and top screw decoration.

Project: Table
Member: Lauren
Description: This salvaged table was first started in 2020 (pre-COVID). The legs and top were removed and all surfaces sanded. At the beginning of the first lockdown the table was recovered from the shed so Lauren could complete the project at home. Not even COVID can stop the shed members from working.

Project: Hidden Green Space
Member: All
Description: The Men's Shed has been successful in securing funds to support the mental health and wellbeing of the community. We are working with the Hidden Green Space (off Old Rd) to provide additional facilities for the benefit of the local residence as we emerge from COVID-19 and all the issues relating to isolation and loneliness. The Men's Shed members will initially build a hut and additional planting beds (marked in red). Further projects will be completed as and when required.

Project: Narrow boat door
Member: Paul
Description: Paul need a new door for his narrow boat. The shed provided the materials and tools for Paul to build a substantial pair of doors that will hopefully last for years

Project: Boat
Member: Dave
Description: Paper plans for this boat provided Dave with the template for the hull. Both ply and sheet timber were used to construct the hull. We look forward to seeing the finished project.

Project: Lathe first cut
Member: Andrew (guest)
Description: The lathe was levelled and setup to make the first cut since installation in the Men's Shed. The Shed have received generous donations of tools and help setting up the lathe from several people including grateful thanks to Ronnie in Twickenham and Andy in Warwick.

Project: Bench
Member: several members
Description: This sturdy bench was a gift to a family member's 80th birthday in 2004. It has served the gentleman well and has recently been inherited by his family. Wishing to keep the bench, a re-furb and paint job was completed at the men's shed.

Project: Clock refurbish
Member: Gervald
Description: The clock is a beloved family heirloom in need of some TLC. The clock was offered to the shed for repair and re-furbishment. The mechanics were clogged with oil and the case was in need of repair as it was falling apart. The mechanics were cleaned and re-oiled with the correct clock oil. The case was re-glued and painted in a period matt black finish.

Project: Barometer
Member: Elizabeth
Description: This barometer was in need of some TLC. The friend of the shed member asked for the barameter to be restored. With a little elbow grease and some poslishing this lovely piece was restored to it's former glory.

Project: Gipsy Moth IV
Member: Various members
Description: This model was originaly purchased in 1967 and remained un-assembled until the owner joined the BI Men's Shed. Unfortunately the sad departure of the shed member left the model unfinished. As a tribute to the former member, the Shed offered to finish the scale model of Gipsy Moth IV for the family.

Project: Seat build
Member: Gervald
Description: This seat was assembled for a senior member of the community. The recipient is now enjoying the seat in the warmer weather.

Project: Wheelbarrow
Member: Iveagh
Description: This child sized wheelbarrow project used basic sawing, sanding and gluing techniques. The hope is that our grandson will enjoy gardening as much as we do.

Project: Trolly
Member: Various members
Description: Ridgeway Special school asked if the Shed could make a trolley to allow the students to deliver healthy food snacks etc in the classrooms. The base used a routed frame to hold the panels to save weight. Wheels were made from turned hardwood. The top was constructed from strips of solid wood and under this re-cycled ABS sectioned trays were used for easy cleaning. Cake anyone ?

Project: Social Club chair renovation
Member: Alan
Description: A number of chairs have been renovated for the local Social Club. These chairs needed a light sanding, gluing where necessary and re-varnishing.

Project: Rocking Horse
Member: Iveagh
Description: A Christmas gift for my Grandson. This project lasted between August and October 2017. The shed tools used were the band saw and belt sander. Personal specialist tools used were various wood files, plunge saw, spokeshaver and stepped hole cutter.

Project:Model house
Member: Tony
Description: This house is being built from a model construction kit. The kit from the 1950's uses ceramic bricks for the walls. The windows, doors and roof are also part of the original kit (click image for more detail)

Project: Turned bowl
Member: Iveagh
Description: This was a test piece after the installation of the shed wood lathe. The raw material was a scrap of mahogany flooring screwed to a base plate and turned using a variety of chisels. Then sanded and polished with wax.

Project: Wooden Clock
Member: Gervald
Description: This mechanical wooden clock was constructed from a kit of parts. The parts are CNC laser cut for accuracy by a firm in Canada, but required many hours of sanding and assembly. The clock body measures 250mm x 200mm x 50mm. The clock is driven by a 2kg weight and regulated by a weighted pendulum.

Project: Bench
Member: Kevin
Description: This bench belonged to a family member and needed some TLC. The slates were replaced using re-cycled hardwood and secured by fitting new bolts and tensioners.
Tools used included table saw, lathe jigged for horizonal holes, piller drill and sander

Project:Conference table
Member: Gervald
Description: THe shed recieved a donated table that needed some TLC. The table was stripped and re-varnished. It now takes pride of place in the shed as the committee conference table.